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Al-Khair Palace Motel & Restaurant

is located in goodness east of old Damascus, within the walls at the end of straight street ( The Via Recta ) connecting between the door of Bab Al-Jabiya in west , which is very close to the Eastern door, the significant archaeological sites in the old city it was built in the Roman era, the early third century AD, and it was renovated during the period of Nur al-Din Zenki year 1163.

Al-Khair Palace Motel & Restaurant is created over the remains of one of the important Khan fields that were spread in the old city, which it was functioned as hotels in that era.

The hotel dates back to the Ottoman Empire period more than 300 years. It has been known in the early twentieth century, Khan Bab Sharqi, it was named Khan Ahmed Pasha and was considered the first station of the trade which followed ( the Silk Road ).

Also it was used as Rest-House to break the French soldiers during the mandate period.

During the end of the nineteenth century it has been neglected into carpentry workshop and accommodation residence to a number of families working in the workshop and remained until 1995 .

Finally , It was renovated and converted into its current form for about ten years and it was opened in June 02nd ,2005.

This boutique motel consist of 12 bedrooms each touched in its own uniqueness of oriental design , the motel is built around a central courtyard with greenery and fountain, the motel consist of :

  • A spacious Courtyard (the main restaurant)
  • The French Hall for private party
  • Damascene Hall for meeting
  • An old design Bar with Internet Café
  • The Terrace

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